A brief history of Palin...



The Name of Palin is derived from the River Palin, a tributary of the mighty Kurung River. Administrative Base Camp of Palin was created in 1957 and its Headquarter was at Lumba during NEFA administration by the Government of India, Ministry of External affairs, under the Governor of Assam. Mr. Pandey was posted as the first Base Superintendent Post at Lumba.


In 1977,   Base Camp Palin was shifted to Nyogo Hinda with the Creation of administrative Circle; Late Yowa Takar was the first Nyishi Designated Circle Officer to be Posted at New Palin. 

Late Tadar Tang then legislature, Late Techi Taku and Late Tassar Mangha then ZPM and Vice President respectively was the important decision makers for shifting of headquarter. Late Byabang Heri was generous land Donor.  

Palin is the home land of the descendant of Atu Hari, Atu Haring, Achi Bindung, Pai Belley, Achi Dopum, Pai Dolu, and Pario Dodum, of the Greater Nyishi Clans.  Palin is the permanent residence of several brethren clans, comprising of   Takam, Dari, Dado, Tem, Tuner, Khyoda , Heri,  Taku, Techi, Donik, Dugi, Dolang, Dohu, Malo, Gumku, Gimi, Byabang, Nangbia, Tassar,  Biri, Rido, Tadar, Goda,Takio, Tarak, Mating,  Pecha, Tai  and so on.

From Palin Circle, five more circles were created later. 


 Chambang Circle created in 1982 


Yangte Circle created in 2002


ADC Headquarter Circle Pania created in 2007


 Gangte  and Tarak Landhi Circle in 2008.  


 Kra Daadi District created in 2015. 


In 2021, Palin has become a District Headquarter of  Kra Daadi District.

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