A vibrant city nestled against the Mountains.

Drawn by clean air and mythical light, visitors come to experience traditions, fine art, great cuisine and natural beauty of the landscape.

A glimpse into the history of Kra Daadi District.

Details about the Nyokum yullo festival.

Information about the  past and present leaders. 

Information about the members and their responsibilities.


Kra Daadi is a district in Arunachal Pradesh in north-eastern India. It was carved out of Kurung Kumey district on 7 February 2015.

The creation of Kra Daadi district was approved by the Arunachal Pradesh government of Nabam Tuki on 21 March 2013 under the Arunachal Pradesh (Re-Organization of Districts) (Amendment) Bill.

Kra Daadi was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Nabam Tuki as the 19th district of Arunachal Pradesh on 7 February 2015.

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Nyokum 2022 preparations

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